Getting to know the Stowell’s

This week involved finally meeting the Stowell’s for a pre-delivery interview, turned 4 hour conversation and unwrapping of collectable cards.

Not knowing what to expect before walking into their house on Knightsbridge Drive, the family welcomed me with open arms. I explained that I wanted to look at their family working together in this project as one rather than just Tristan himself. Because his parent’s happily took on the work load but the idea sprung from Tristan’s mind, I decided my angle would be on how his upbringing might have affected his coming of idea’s to give back to the less fortunate.

Asking Tristan all of the question’s I had prepared, the conversation went off on a tangent. Amazed at just how bright and kind-hearted he was for someone so young, the answer I recieved once revealing my angle stunned me a little. Tristan’s parents, Greg and Charmayne explained “You were mentioning earlier that you wanted to do it on his upbringing, but he has always been like this”.

This interviewing process forced me to rethink my angle as I realised that you really won’t know how the concept of the story will work out until you speak with the subject. Because I didn’t know Tristan whilst trying to think up angles, I had absolutely no idea that his character would be so genuine and benefacting. I assumed that it must have been their parenting that made him the way he is. So… Completely striking out my main angle idea, I have decided that I will look into how social media has affected the immensity of Tristan’s project.

Mentioning how much feedback and help the family has recieved from the community because of social media, I plan on looking further into this for my final story. Next, I need to look into some research of charities and social media content.

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