(a)Cute Angle

Coming up with an angle for my final story is proving to be harder than expected. The story of Tristan is quite heart-warming, but I do not want to completely focus on the physical contribution he is making, but rather look further into why and how he is completing the task. With few days to go before I head to the Stowell residence, my brainstorm of ideas goes as follows:

  • Looking into Tristan’s family and his upbringing to see how this might have influenced his idea in deciding to donate to charity.
  • Looking into how the advancement of technology and social media have had an impact on the capacity of donations and help.
  • Looking at the coming together of the community for a good cause.

With technology being the focus of last week’s lecture (week 8), I realized that something I haven’t yet encountered is preparing questions for a child. If I’m wanting to do a detailed analysis of say, how social media has affected the enormity of donations and help, how do I simplify my questions to what a 10-year-old might be able to answer? Or is technology in younger generations so much more commonly used and understood that he’ll be able to answer this with ease?

I will probably touch on each of the above concepts but choosing which of these to use as the main focus is something that I might just leave up to the time of the interview to see what direction the conversation with the Stowell’s leads me.

Photograph sourced from CHRIS MCKEEN / FAIRFAX NZ

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