After having a reply from a possible story source, my final story topic has officially been set in stone.

I spoke to Greg Stowell today over the phone. As Tristan’s father, he is my main point of contact before the interviewing process, as Tristan, the main subject of my story is only 10-years-old.

Tristan has been collecting Star Wars Cosmic Shells from Countdown for over a month and is building up his collection of sets to then donate to children at Ronald McDonald House and Starship.

Now, I have recently discovered that has actually already beaten me to the chase and posted a story on their website about Tristan’s endeavor. Thinking this might completely kill my chances of utilizing this touching story, my tutor informed me that I just need to consider a different angle when writing about the subject.

After all, I have come to learn in tutorial’s that news outlets occasionally source their information from other outlets, but it is the angle of which the publication takes that gives the story life. has written from face-value. They simply tell the story of what Tristan and his family are doing but don’t look into it any further than that. This leaves me with a lot of leg room of what way my story might lean.

I am meeting up with Tristan and his parents next week for an interview before going along to Ronald McDonald House with them on Friday 14th. Time to prepare my questions and think of possible angles that might give Stuff a run for their money.

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