Golden neighbourly ideas.

A new discovery has been made after strolling down to the local Sunnynook Community Centre. New Zealand double Olympic Champion, Lisa Carrington, actually lives in Hillcrest, a surrounding area of Totara Vale.


As amazing as I believe it would be to interview someone that has achieved such triumph in her career, I want my final story to be about the community as a whole, rather than an individual.

Coming to this decision after using the Neighbourly website, of which contained a plethora of ideas for possible stories, my mind is now boggled on which angle to take my story. With ideas ranging from community projects, transportation changes, and charity work, it seems that there are far too many good options to simply choose one.

In coming to a decision, it is important to keep in mind that defining news is as simple as the word itself. What is new? What do people not know about already that they should be informed of? Hopefully, if I keep this thought in mind, I’ll be able to decide on a story in no time.

‘No time’… This phrase seems familiar. Oh yes, I HAVE NO damn TIME. With uni four days a week and working all day for the other three, I’m really struggling to keep up with the workload. Time to start prioritizing.

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